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Our mission to create safe, functional and acoustic spaces for human beings has resulted in projects in over 30 countries.
BAUX acoustic tiles and panels can be found in over 1500 projects for leading brands such as Google, Microsoft, KPMGStella McCartney, Nike and many more. Find more acoustic inspiration below:

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You can download all files intended to help working professionals to work, design, sketch and construct sustainable acoustical sound environments for large and small spaces.

  • In the case of the Inglis facility, there is considerable noise generated by the audience/buyers and the auctioneer. When bidding for a racehorse there are large sums of money involved and acoustic performance of the space is a major issue. The BAUX panels, along with other acoustic treatments have been highly successful in making a space that performs excellently from an acoustic perspective.

    Steven Mcildowie
 Lead architect at McIldowie Partners
  • The client stated that meeting rooms in their previous office were often occupied for hours even days, which meant less and less space available for a quick chat. There is a noticeable quieter environment when you enter the BAUX-lined in-between spaces. Noise created in these spaces is contained rather than spilling out across the work floor or into the adjacent meeting spaces.

    Chris Romer-Lee
 Director and co-founder of Studio Octopi and Thames Baths CIC

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