Case – Copenhagen

Text: Matt Carey – Photo: Peter Kirkeskov Rasmussen

KPMG Copenhagen – Scandinavian Style

Product: BAUX Acoustic Tiles & Panels


BAUX designs capture the Nordic entrepreneurial spirit

On moving to their new offices nestled in the newly renovated Nordhaven district in Copenhagen, KPMG wanted to create a space that represented their Nordic business values. Lead designer Francisco Sarria, took his inspiration from the dockside location. The idea was to bring the location indoors. Large-scale BAUX designs fill the reception and waiting areas with visions of sea and sky. It’s here that visitors get their first taste of the relaxed Nordic style of business.

The geometric BAUX shapes meant many possibilities for graphic expression. Everything points up and to the right – forwards, towards innovation. Two twenty-meter tall BAUX designs give the feeling of being outside, in the harbour on a summer’s day. Wood fibre textures and natural sound absorption has helped to make these areas calm spaces – perfect for lunch or light conversation before a meeting.

Object: KPMG Copenhagen
Area: Copenhagen, Denmark
Products used: Acoustic Tiles
Acoustic Panels
Interiour Designer: Francisco Sarria

Define Your Inspiration
Two 20-metre BAUX designs bring the sea and sky indoors at this waterfront location.

Modern Meeting Spaces
BAUX designs combine with Nordic style to create a relaxed, modern space for meetings and reflection.

Large Scale Designs
The composite nature of BAUX’s geometric shapes means designs can fill the largest spaces with intricate colour and pattern combinations.

The flexibility of BAUX means many possibilities to represent a brand without using photographs or logos. We experimented with a number of colour combinations to give just the right feeling of sea and sky. The client loves the feeling and the designs communicate the way KPMG does business. The space is cool, a place where you just feel like hanging out.

Francisco Sarria, Interior Designer


BAUX Products used in the KPMG Copenhagen project

Grillska High School Acoustic Case
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