What is BAUX Acoustic Wood Wool made of?


BAUX Acoustic Wood Wool is an environment-friendly, recyclable material made from wood wool, cement and water. The natural components together provide many functional characteristics.

BAUX Acoustic products contains two of the world’s oldest building materials – wood and cement united as cement bound wood wool.

The combination is simple and ingenious. Wood fibre gives the product a heat-insulating, heat retaining and sound-absorbing structure. Cement, a proven and popular building material, is the binder to provide strength, moisture resistance and fire protection.

BAUX Acoustic products are sound absorbant, have high moisture diffusion, high air permeability and the capability of absorbing and releasing water molecules from the air. This allows the exposed BAUX Acoustic discs to even out the relative humidity (RH) in the room. BAUX Acoustic products really have the property that is known as “material that breathes. ”

BAUX Acoustic Wood Wool products have also been tested for emission and shows very low values.

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