What functional benefits does BAUX wood wool products have?


BAUX acoustic wood wool products have many functional benefits. Our wood wool products absorb sound, regulate moisture, accumulate heat, they’re also fireproof, and they have low VOC.

BAUX acoustic wood wool products are effective in absorbing human voice frequencies (500-4000Hz). When BAUX wood wool (25 mm thick) is mounted directly onto a wall, the material performs at NRC 0.40 and Alpha-w 0.30 (class D).

BAUX acoustic wood wool products are moisture resistant and they even out air humidity by absorbing or emitting moisture into the ambient air, creating a better indoor climate. The high pH value discourages mould or rot, and BAUX acoustic wood wool products can be used in bathrooms and swimming pool areas. When using wood wool in shower rooms, BAUX products should only be fixed to the ceiling and not walls.

BAUX acoustic wood wool products naturally accumulate heat releasing it into the ambient air when the air temperature falls. This contributes to lower energy costs, a reduced environmental impact and a comfortable indoor climate.

BAUX acoustic wood wool products are A-Classed in surface burning tests by Intertek (ASTM-E84) and classified according to European classification for building products, DIN EN 13501 with rating B-s1,d0. For more information and certificates visit Sustainability and Certificates.

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