How much sound does BAUX wood wool absorb?


BAUX is well equipped to absorb human voice frequencies (between 500-4000Hz) and is therefore often used in public spaces, offices and schools.

BAUX wood wool 25 mm thickness, directly mounted on the wall or ceiling performs NRC 0.40 and Alpha-w 0.30 (class D).

The 3D PIXEL product with an even distribution of thicknesses 25/50/70mm performs NRC 0.60 and Alpha-w 0.50 (class-D) when mounted directly on the wall or ceiling. These values increase when mounting BAUX with an air slot between the wall or ceiling and the BAUX material.

To reach higher absorption coefficients you can also use BAUX together with a 40 mm stone wool panel (140 kg/m3). Stone Wool 40 mm behind 25 mm BAUX, directly mounted towards a wall or ceiling, together perform NRC 0.95 and Alpha-w 1.0 (class-A). Contact us for details and advice on your project.

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