How do I install BAUX Acoustic wood wool products?


Using glue is the easiest and fastest way to install BAUX tiles. We suggest a standard fixing glue similar to Casco Superfix or Loctite Powergrab.

If you don’t like to use glue, BAUX can also provide tiles backed with magnets. BAUX then also supply metal cassettes or thinner sheets that you install on the wall as a backing to the magnetized tiles. The tiles can then be fixed by hand and rearranged according to taste. The cassettes create an air-gap to the wall, thus improving the sound absorbing properties for the installation slightly. If you prefer magnets you should bear in mind that the creative pattern of the tiles must be adapted to match the dimensions of the cassettes and sheets.

A third way to install BAUX is to use screws commonly used for BAUX Panels. BAUX can provide touch up colors for the screw heads.

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