How are BAUX Acoustic products made?


BAUX Acoustic Wood Wool
BAUX Acoustic Wood Wool is produced from wood wool made from sustainably managed FSC and PEFC marked forests, cement, and water. Combining these natural materials creates several functional benefits in an ingenious combination. Wood Wool fibres retain heat, provide insulation and offer excellent sound absorption. Cement, a proven building material, binds the wood wool to provide strength, moisture resistance, and fire protection. BAUX Acoustic Wood Wool products also have very low VOC.

BAUX Acoustic Pulp
BAUX Acoustic Pulp is made out of sustainably harvested Swedish fir and pine trees, recycled water, non-GMO wheat bran, potato starch, plant-derived wax and citrus fruit peels. No chemicals are added to the product. All of the ingredients are mixed together with water and fed into a 3D mold. Next, the contents of the mold are pressed with 40 tonnes of weight and dried under pressure using a highly technological vacuum technique so that it becomes extremely dense. The dried surface is then nano- perforated using advanced laser technology for enhanced sound absorption.

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