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NEW: Book of Acoustics

  • Event │ 04-02-20

– Stockholm Furniture Fair 2020

Launching – Book of Acoustics at the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2020

Created in collaboration with leading acousticians, neuroscientists and designers, The Book of Acoustics explores the science of sound and provides guidance for designing with acoustics. Complete with facts, figures, diagrams and expert insight, it is the ideal starting point for architectural and interior design projects and sheds light on the interplay between engineering and aesthetics.
Read more.

For Press enquiries and previews of the Book of Acoustics contact us at [email protected]


Inspiration Series – Welcoming Areas

  • Inspiration │ 20-03-12

– A new series of inspiration

The fundamentals of creating a welcoming environment are one of making your guests feel accommodated and taken care of comfortably. Different businesses require different solutions for this are however and depending on your room size and layout, for instance, but the primary function is commonly the same.
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Featured in image – BAUX Acoustic Tiles

Inspiration Series – Focus

  • Inspiration │ 20-02-04

– A new series of inspiration

The modern workspace is increasingly open, collaborative, and tech-driven. Despite the positive effects of this development, one negative outcome has been that its occupants are often stressed and distracted by excessive noise and a lack of privacy. The latest BAUX inspiration series covers a range of work and study spaces designed to promote creativity and collaboration without compromising privacy and focus. Read more.


London, UK

  • Event │ 19-05-14

– Clerkenwell Design Week 2019

BAUX will be on location at the Relay Represents showroom, situated at 102-108 Clerkenwell Road. Visitors will have the opportunity to meet the team, our UK representatives, and to browse our entire product range, including the newly-launched BAUX Acoustic Pulp. – Read more.

  • Press │ UK

Milan, IT

  • Event │ 19-03-28

– Salone del Mobile, Milano Design Week 2019

The exhibition provided a great opportunity for us to interact with architects, designers, journalists and other forward-thinking individuals in design and decor. It was also great to see so many other innovative brands represented, especially those that share our vision of sustainable, design-driven production. More than 15000 people came to see the HEMMA Gone Wild exhibition during the Milan design week. – Read more.


Stockholm, SE

  • Event │ 19-02-13

– Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair 2019

World premiering at the Furniture and Light Fair, BAUX displays the latest innovation BAUX Acoustic Pulp Panels – our first 100% bio-based acoustical panel, combining high-performance, sound absorption and modern aesthetics. Developed in collaboration with renowned design studio Form Us With Love and high-tech scientists working with biomimicry to organically modify cellulosic fibres. – Read more.


Into the Wild

  • Product │ 19-02-03

– BAUX Acoustic Pulp photographic experiment

When creating BAUX Acoustic Pulp, the intention was to form a seamless loop from nature to factory to nature again. All the ingredients are borrowed from nature, it’s manufactured in an environmentally friendly way, and the final product is 100% biodegradable. So, we knew know we could put it back into nature again without causing any harm. But still, we were curious—would Nature accept it back? – Read more.


BAUX Acoustic Pulp

  • Product │ 19-02-01

– BAUX Acoustic Pulp

The 100% bio-based BAUX Acoustic Pulp panel is the first in the world to uncompromisingly combine the performance properties of sound absorption, safety and durability with sustainability and modern aesthetics. Harmless for us, harmless for the environment. It’s nothing short of an acoustical revolution. – Read more.


Stella McCartney

  • Collaboration │ 18-10-30

– Business case

Stella was in the process of renovating her flagship store in Milan and was looking for innovative sustainable materials to finish the display walls and staircase. BAUX wood wool tiles became an integral part of the Milan store design and today, BAUX and Stella McCartney are global partners, with BAUX acoustic tiles adorning the walls of Stella McCartney stores. – Read more.


Stockholm, SE

  • Event │ 18-02-09

– Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair 2018

We built a fair stand towering up to 6 meters (19,685 feet) in height. Ten stretching pillars visualized the possibilities of the new acoustic BAUX panels Arch and Curve. We celebrated the fair together with oysters, champagne and music from a live DJ session at our fair stand on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Thank you for coming by, meeting us and our founders! – Read more.


BAUX Arch & Curve Panels

  • Product │ 17-12-14

– BAUX Acoustic wood wool Panels Arch and Curve

During the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2018, we introduce the two new acoustic panels, BAUX Panel Arch and BAUX Panel Curve. To bridge the gap between classical and modern we had to explore past the linear. To shape vast decors for monumental interiors, auditoriums and stretching hallways we needed to go in all directions. – Read more.


USA Factory launch

  • News │ 17-05-11

– New factory in the USA

We are pleased to announce to all US customers that BAUX has launched its first overseas factory located in the United States. From June 1 (2017), BAUX is manufactured in the US and is available to all North American customers. BAUX will ship locally throughout the entire region from our US factory in Virginia. – Read more.

  • Press │ UK

Stockholm, SE

  • Event │ 17-02-10

– Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair 2017

We built a fair stand towering up to 6 meters (19,685 feet) in height. Ten stretching pillars visualized the possibilities of the new acoustic BAUX panels Arch and Curve. We celebrated the fair together with oysters, champagne and music from a live DJ session at our fair stand on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Thank you for coming by, meeting us and our founders! – Read more.


BAUX Patterns

  • Product │ 17-02-02

– BAUX Acoustic wood wool Patterns

While the forests of Östergötland were taking a few deep breaths before their winter hibernation, we’ve been busy working on something special. Sweeping spruce fibres from our desks and grabbing our sketchbooks, we’ve been buzzing on the stories we’ve heard this past year. BAUX wood wool tiles have brought the allure of the forest to all kinds of spaces, all over the world. Colors and shapes colliding to create beautiful patterns and incredible spaces. – Read more. 


Stockholm, SE

  • Event │ 16-02-04

– Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair 2016


BAUX Acoustic Plank

  • Product │ 16-02-02

– Launching the new BAUX Acoustic Tile; Plank

Step into the world of timber, woodworks and carpentry, The latest addition to the BAUX Tile Collection is designed to control sound environment with a refined look. With its natural colours, The Plank, designed by Form Us With Love creates subtle yet stunning environments for homes and offices! – Read more.


BAUX Acoustic 3d Pixels

  • Product │ 16-02-02

– Launching the new BAUX Acoustic 3d pixels

By adding a three-dimensional structure to our product line we are introducing a new and exciting element of design as well as an added acoustic function. In smaller rooms, you may experience issues with fluttering echoes and early short sound reflection. The new BAUX Acoustic 3D Pixel is designed to both break up sound waves as well as absorb them. – Read more.


Office Inspiration

  • Inspiration │ 16-02-04

– Inspiration Series

Many of you asked us to share more inspiration on how to mix and match the BAUX Acoustic Wood Wool products. So here we go – we’re happy to present the first in a series of BAUX Acoustic Inspirational Newsletters, starting with 7 very different meeting rooms. – Read more.


Milano, IT

  • Event │ 15-04-07

– Salone Del Mobile 2015 “HEMMA gone wild”

Last week BAUX participated at the world´s largest design fair, Salone del Mobile in Milan. For the occasion, we built a 5×20 meter large wall featuring an iconic silhouette of a Swedish forest. The stand was a joint initiative under the name of Swedish Design Goes Milan 2015. Thanks to Business Sweden, Visit Sweden and the Swedish Embassy for a successful week and all of you who visited our stand! – Read more.


Acoustic Forest Wall

  • Product │ 15-01-27

– Panels Wall in forrest

You’re never far from the forest in Sweden. An endless evergreen canopy of
spruce sweeps through the countryside. For many Swedes, a forest is a
place for calm reflection. For us at BAUX, the forest is a source of renewable materials and boundless inspiration. – Read more.


Acoustic Panels

  • Product │ 15-01-27

– Presenting BAUX Acoustic Panels

BAUX Acoustic wood wool Panels is an environment-friendly, recyclable material made from wood wool, cement and water. The natural components together provide many functional characteristics. BAUX Acoustic wood wool Panels is available in 7 patterns; Quilted, Check, Stripes, Lines, Diagonal, Arch and Curve. All designed to be combined into infinity. – Read more.

The BAUX founding partnersFrom left: Fredrik Franzon, Johan Ronnestam, Petrus Palmér, Jonas Pettersson, John Löfgren
The BAUX founding partnersFrom left: Fredrik Franzon, Johan Ronnestam, Jonas Pettersson, Petrus Palmér, John Löfgren

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Press images of the Träullit Factory
Photographer: Jonas Lindström

Press images of the BAUX founding partners.

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