The Book of Acoustics

7.0 How to design with acoustics

7.3 Aural Aesthetics

Beyond functional applications, the acoustics of a space as an aesthetic element is just as impactful as the shapes and colours that meet the eye. Aural aesthetics add another sensory layer to the way we experience a constructed environment. And, just like visual design, acoustics influence whether we perceive a space as beautiful or ugly, or something in between.

Of course, just like other aesthetic elements, we all perceive sound a little bit differently and have our own personal preferences. Studies are currently underway to look into links between different cultural backgrounds and aural preferences. One culture might experience a space as chaotic and irritating while another may experience the same soundscape as vibrant and energising. Once again, when designing the acoustics of a space it is important to understand the unique needs and preferences of its inhabitants.


The Book of Acoustics

This is a handbook for architects and interior designers who want to create acoustically beautiful spaces that make people feel happier, healthier and more productive.

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