The Book of Acoustics

This is a handbook for architects and interior designers who want to create acoustically beautiful spaces that make people feel happier, healthier and more productive.

Here, you’ll learn the fundamentals of sound control and everything you need to know to start feeling more confident working with acoustic treatments in your design projects. When it comes down to it, it really is as simple as making people happy — whether they’re at work, school or conversing with friends over dinner.

Released for visitor on the 4th of February at the

Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair 2020!

Did you get your copy at

Stockholm Furniture Fair 2020?

This year at the BAUX stand, named The Temple of Sound, we created a spiritual place for learning about acoustics; a calming environment for thoughts and reflections. At the stand, visitors were invited to study The Book of Acoustics, partake in the latest knowledge about sound.
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Featured chapters in
Book of Acoustics

The Book of Acoustics hosts more than 160 pages of essential acoustic knowledge!

Created in collaboration with leading acousticians, neuroscientists and designers, The Book of Acoustics explores the science of sound and provides guidance for designing with acoustics. Complete with facts, figures, diagrams and expert insight, it is the ideal starting point for architectural and interior design projects and sheds light on the interplay between engineering and aesthetics.

1.0 The fundamentals of sound control

1.1 What is sound?
1.2 Common sound wave behaviour in indoor spaces
1.3 Sound that lingers
1.4 The ABCDs of sound control
– Summary of chapter 1.0

6.0 The past and future of acoustics

6.0 The history of Acoustics

2.0 Essential measurements

2.1 Start here
2.2 What to measure
2.2.1 Reverberation time
2.2.2 Speech intelligibility
2.2.3 Sound levels
2.2.4 Sound absorption
– Summary of chapter 2.0

7.0 How to design with acoustics

7.1 Form vs. Function
7.2 6 rules for excellent acoustic design
7.3 Aural aesthetics
7.4 The step by step process for Designing with acoustics
7.5 Budget considerations
7.6 The acoustic design toolbox
– Summary of chapter 7.0

3.0 Types of acoustic treatments

3.1 The art of shaping the acoustic environment
3.2 Treatment options
3.2.1 Sound absorbers
3.2.2 Sound blockers
3.2.3 Sound maskers
3.2.4 Sound diffusers
3.3 Important acoustical treatment ratings
– Summary of chapter 3.0

8.0 Commercial applications

8.1 Acoustic design must follow space function
8.2 Workplaces
8.3 Education
8.4 Healthcare
8.5 Dining rooms
– Summary of chapter 8.0

4.0 Treatment placement

4.1 Treatment placement
4.2 Placement by room shape
4.3 How much material should you use?
– Summary of chapter 4.0

9.0 Troubleshooting

9.1 Acoustic design do’s and don’ts
9.2 Quick guide to solving common problems
9.3 Does this space need treatment?

5.0 Benefits of acoustic design

5.1 Why should people care about their acoustic environment?
5.2 Health & Wellbeing
5.3 Focus & Productivity
5.4 Listening & Learning
5.5 Safety & Security
– Summary of chapter 5.0


10.0 Glossary of acoustic terms
11.0 Reference list
12.0 About the publisher

Book release at 

Stockholm Furniture Fair

A02:18 – 04/02-20

To get your hands on a free physical copy, make sure to visit the BAUX stand at the Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair 2020, from February 4 – 8.

Lectures & Happenings
BAUX stand A02:18

Tuesday 11:30




– Sin of sound

Oysters, Champagne & live music

Wednesday 11:30 & 15:00

– Panel discussions on design & Evolution of office spaces

– Panel discussions on design & Evolution
of office spaces John Löfgren Design director at Form Us With Love + Co-founder,BAUX

Fredrik Franzon Co-founder and CEO at BAUX

Moderator: Konrad Olsson Editor in chief, Scandinavian MAN


– Sin of sound

Oysters, Champagne & live music

Thursday 13:30

– Lecture on wellbeing
and effective learning environments

– Christer Holger CEO and founder at Skapaskolan in Huddinge, Stockholm


– Sin of sound

Oysters, Champagne & live music

Where: Stand number A02:18, Älvsjömässan, Stockholm, Sweden.
When: Tuesday 4 February from 9.00 am until 18.00 pm until Saturday 8 February (Saturday is open for public).

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