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Text: Matt Carey – Photo: Jason Strong

This contemporary pool house offers year-round relaxation, with stunning views over Stockholm’s archipelago. But creating the perfect indoor environment meant overcoming a few challenges. Architect David Wettergren was looking for a material that would reduce sound reflections from hard surfaces and parallel walls. He solved the problem by installing BAUX designs. The wood-wool BAUX tiles reduced sound reflections and added a finishing touch to this serene space.

The BAUX designs made a visual statement that the client loved. The organic textures helped soften the space and colours were chosen to create a sense of balance with the surrounding nature. An added bonus was that the wood-wool tiles reduced humidity. When heat and moisture combine, indoor pools can feel humid and stuffy. The BAUX designs absorb moisture creating a fresher feeling and a healthier indoor environment.

Object: Tynningo Pool House
Area: Tynningö, Sweden
Products used: Acoustic Tiles
Architect: David Wettergren Arkitektur
Designer: David Wettergren

A sound environment
BAUX designs bring quiet harmony to the space by balancing non-organic surfaces with natural wood fibres that dampen sound reflections.


Wood-wool tiles balance air humidity by absorbing or emitting moisture. This creates a healthier, more comfortable indoor environment. The high pH value of the tiles means the wood-wool does not rot.


Composite Design
BAUX designs can be built around a number of geometric shapes, colours and tile sizes offering unlimited possibilities for creative expression.

The flexibility of BAUX means many possibilities to represent a brand without using photographs or logos. We experimented with a number of colour combinations to give just the right feeling of sea and sky. The client loves the feeling and the designs communicate the way KPMG does business. The space is cool, a place where you just feel like hanging out.

Francisco Sarria, Interior Designer


BAUX Products used in the Tynningo Pool House project

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Acoustic design to reduce noise using BAUX Panels and Tiles in this Helsinki office