*Access Webinar 9th of December 2020

On the 9th of December 2020 we held an inspirational and educational talk together with two esteemed guests; Professor Barbara Canlon and Principal Consultant in Acoustics Andy Carballeira. This event was live where participants had the opportunity to ask our guests questions.

Together, we explored the field of acoustics and how it affects the human brain, productivity and wellbeing. Our aim, is for you to start feeling more confident working with acoustic treatments in your upcoming design projects.

Many of you have asked us to see the presentation again and some of you missed out. This is why we recorded one of these sessions and can be viewed in its entirety in the player below.

Topics for this webinar;

– The fundamentals of sound and acoustics
– Absorption? Reflection? Diffusion? Helpful acoustic glossary
– The impact bad acoustics have on our health
– How can acoustic treatments improve the state of our environment
– How to design a good acoustic space.

If you wish to read up on more knowledge on acoustics and how this effects us, feel free to read The Book of Acoustics online or contact us for further questions.

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Featured in this webinar


Andy Carballeira
Principal Consultant Aceentech,
Massachusetts, INCE BD. CERT


Barbara Canlon
Professor of Hearing Physiology,
Karolinska Institute Stockholm


Niki Gynnerstedt
Head of PR and Events at BAUX,
Stockholm / London


Fredrik Franzon
Co-Founder and CEO at BAUX, Stockholm

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